March 16, 2022 | Circular No. 11417

Dear Member,

As a follow up to the CL 11370, this notice provides an update on 2022 Pilotage Service Charges for the PPA, GLPA and USCG.

  General Service Charge Other Transport Canada Administration Fee Effective Date
 APA 2.4% Non-Compulsory Areas – 2% Charges are blended into the rates January 1, 2022
LPA 3% NA $11.20 increase to $38.39/assignment February 7, 2022
GLPA 11.2% NA $30/assignment – no change March 22, 2022
PPA 4.8% Unit/Hourly Fee
3.8 Launch/Travel Fee
$400 Temporary Surcharge 3.8% increase to $59.17/assignment June 5, 2022


Great Lakes Pilotage Authority

We continue to engage the GLPA to reconcile the recent CTA CONF-10-2021 decision regarding the Federation’s objection to the 2020 tariffs.  The CTA deemed the Continuous Transit Surcharge against the public interest, however they also recommended the GLPA increase the general tariff by an amount equal to the amount they collected from the Continuous Transit Charge up to a maximum of 11.5%.   The decision would require the GLPA to re-calculate invoicing to all ships for 2020 and 2021 which is an unworkable situation.  Therefore the GLPA is seeking approval from the CTA to reflect the decision in the 2022 tariffs as opposed to applying it retroactively.  While the GLPA await a response to their request, they have issued their Announcement of Pilotage Charges 2022 taking into account the CTA decision.  More specifically, the application of the Decision will result in the following changes to the 2022 pilotage charges:

  • The continued transit charge will be removed and replaced by a charge equivalent to the 2020 pilotage charge plus an additional 11.5% of that charge
  • The impact will result in an increase of 11.2% on the 2021 basic pilotage charge.

The new service charge will be effective March 22nd to coincide with the opening of the navigation season.  As these charges are being implemented in compliance with the Agency’s Decision, they forego the typical consultation period per the Pilotage Act.  Once the CTA responds to the GLPA, they may propose another 2022 service charge if deemed necessary.  The Federation is reviewing this announcement of charges.

Pacific Pilotage Authority

Following the conclusion of the PPA/BCCP Service Agreement process (CL 11388), the PPA recently issued their Notice of Revised Service Charges. The PPA are proposing a 4.8% Pilotage Unit and Hourly Fee, a 3.8% increase for Launch and travel fees and increasing the temporary surcharge from $175/assignment to $400. While the BCCP contract is the main driver for the proposal, other factors include increased travel/training costs due to COVID, a very slow start to the year, and uncertainty around the return of the cruise sector.  The revised charges are to be effective June 5th.  The Pilotage Committee and West Coast District Committee are reviewing this proposal as comments are due April 4th.

US Coast Guard

The USCG advise the Final Rule for the 2022 rates for US Great Lakes pilots is delayed, however expected soon.  We will advise members once the Final Rule is issued.

Please direct any questions to the undersigned.


Chad Allen

Director, Marine Operations