May 18, 2021 | Circular No. 11279

Dear Member,

We are proud to announce that the second edition of the Mariners Guide to Whales in the Northwest Atlantic is now available in both print and digital format.

Created as a collaboration between Shipping Federation of Canada, WWF-Canada, and the Marine Mammal Observation Network, this guide is designed first and foremost to support the work of mariners by providing up-to-date maps of areas that whales are known to frequent in vital shipping trade corridors of the Atlantic Region and the St. Lawrence corridor, and encourage greater vigilance in those areas. The maps in this guide include observation data gathered by some of our members.

The guide also provides information on measures that can be implemented to reduce the incidence of collisions, and guidance on what to do in the event a collision occurs.  Awareness remains a key tool for ensuring the safe coexistence of ships and whales, and mariners play an essential role in this respect by keeping their eyes on the water.

With this in mind, our goal is to provide a copy of this guide to each vessel that visits the Atlantic coast of Canada over the next year.

Ordering copies

Members who wish to receive hard copies of the guide (which are available at no cost) are asked to contact the undersigned with the number of copies required, and the address and contact person to whom they should be delivered (delivery in Canada is preferable, if possible).  Each copy will be accompanied by a cover letter introducing the guide and its intended use for those on board the vessel.

An electronic version of the guide is available online in English and in French by clicking on the respective images below.

Mariners guide cover    


Miako Ushio
Environment and Regulatory Affairs Manager