October 25, 2023 | Circular No. 11591

Dear Member,

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has provided the attached  guide as well as some key points listed below regarding setting up access to the Centralized Scheduling System (CSS).

  1. Please ensure the same email address is used for both OKTA and Microsoft. (The OKTA email could be in your spam folder)
  2. Additionally, please check that the same email address is used for your browser login (email address used to sign onto Microsoft Edge or Chrome)
  3. After setting up both your OKTA and Microsoft account you can access the CSS system via vfpa – Sign In (okta.com)or directly through Seaport OPX

Please contact Rishi Rajagopal, Active Vessel Traffic Management Specialist, Marine Operation, Vancouver-Fraser Port Authority (Rishi.Rajagopal@portvancouver.com, cell: 236-885-4115) for any questions you may have regarding CSS.


Kaity Arsoniadis,
Senior Policy Advisor