February 27, 2023 | Circular No. 11499

Dear Member,

We have been advised that CBSA will be increasing the number of export container exams it conducts at the Port of Montreal, which will result in a greater number of export containers being referred to the LaFrance examination facility for a full destuff.  This is pursuant to the recently reported increase in stolen vehicles being exported from the port and the associated use of such vehicles to hide other forms of contraband.

LaFrance will be invoicing shipping lines for these exams as of March 1, 2023 at the rate specified in their  current schedule:

  • 20 ft container $850
  • 40 ft container $1200
  • 45 ft container $1500

(plus $350 drayage charge for all containers)

LaFrance has indicated that the anticipated increase in export exams should not have an impact on the efficiency of their import operations.  This being said, we would ask members to keep us informed of any delays or other issues arising from this increased focus on the export side.


Karen Kancens
Vice President