April 17, 2024 | Circular No. 11660

Dear Member,

Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s meeting of our Customs Committee to discuss CBSA’s current timeframes for submitting the conveyance arrival certification message (CACM), which is an essential requirement in CBSA’s ACI (advance commercial information) program. The need for CBSA to increase its timeframe for submitting the CACM is a subject of major concern for many of our member companies, as illustrated by the large number of participants who attended last week’s meeting.

As agreed last week, the next step in addressing this issue is to convene a meeting with CBSA’s policy and compliance teams in order to ensure they fully understand the challenges that agents and carriers face in meeting the current reporting timeframes, and initiate a discussion on a more realistic timeframe that would be acceptable from both an industry and CBSA perspective.  We have submitted an urgent meeting request to CBSA and will revert to members as soon as the date has been finalized.

In the meantime, members who have any high level points or suggestions they wish to share in advance of that meeting are most welcome to do so, and should send their comments to the undersigned.

Crimson Logic Meeting

In a related development, Crimson Logic recently reached out the Federation to request a meeting with members to discuss / showcase a new product (Calista) they are offering on their platform. Given that members have been experiencing a range of issues related to Crimson Logic’s service and customer responsiveness over the last year or so, I took the opportunity to request a meeting to discuss these problems as a precursor to any future meeting on their new product.  Crimson Logic has agreed to this request, and a meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday (April 24) at 1:00 PM (eastern time).

Members who have been experiencing issues with Crimson Logic and who are interested in attending should let me know, and I will provide the Teams link for joining the meeting.


Karen Kancens
Vice President