March 19, 2024 | Circular No. 11645

Dear Member,

Please click Here for a copy of a letter we recently sent to the Ministers of the Environment, Transport and Natural Resources expressing our concern over the Federal Court of Canada’s recent decision to block construction of the CN Logistics Hub planned for Milton, Ontario.

As members may recall, the project underwent a multi-year environmental assessment process as requested by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change in 2018.  As a result of that process, CN committed to meeting 325 legally-binding conditions to protect the environment and human health, making the Milton facility the most stringently regulated hub in North America.  Nevertheless, the court found that the approval process failed to consider the adverse health effects the facility’s vehicle traffic would ultimately have on the Halton area, meaning that the project cannot continue without first returning to the federal government for reconsideration.

In view of this unexpected development, our letter urges the government to reiterate its commitment to the Milton project and its significant economic benefits, with a view to ensuring that construction of the hub can resume as quickly as possible.  This is particularly important given the facility’s essential role in addressing the need for more intermodal capacity in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and strengthening a critical link in the North American supply chain overall.

CN is seeking expressions of support for the project from as wide a range of stakeholders as possible, and we encourage interested members to consider joining this effort by sending their own letters to the government.  Please feel free to use our letter as a template, and to contact the undersigned for e-mail addresses of key Ministers and officials with an interest in this topic.

We will provide members with updates on the status of this project as warranted.


Karen Kancens
Vice President