March 6, 2023 | Circular No. 11503

Dear Member,

As a follow-up to CL 11499 regarding CBSA’s plan to increase the number of export containers it refers to the Lafrance warehouse for full examination, CBSA has confirmed that in cases where such examinations result in the export cargo being seized, the cost of the exam will be billed directly to the shipping line (rather than being handled by CBSA as occurs on the import side).

According to CBSA, this is due mainly to cost concerns resulting from the increase in seizures they expect to see as the number of export exams at the Port of Montreal increases.

We appreciate that the above represents a significant change in CBSA’s customary practice, and have asked for an official written notice to supplement the verbal advice that CBSA has provided so far.  We will share such notice with members once we have received it, but in the meantime, members should be guided by the above.

We would also ask members to keep us informed of the number of invoices they receive for export exams involving goods that are ultimately seized, and of cases in which these invoices CANNOT be passed along to the exporter.  This is important information that will help inform our future discussions with CBSA.


Karen Kancens
Vice President