October 28, 2021 | Circular No. 11330

Please note that the information in this CL is superceded by CL 11331

Dear Member,

Transport Canada held a meeting with industry earlier today to provide an update on vaccination requirements within the transportation sector.

Although we will provide a full debrief of that meeting once we receive additional documentation from TC, we wish to bring the following to your attention:

  • Foreign seafarers on vessels operating in Canadian waters will NOT be required to be vaccinated (NOR will seafarers who are travelling to Canada in order to join a ship).
  • Howeverforeign seafarers who are returning home by air will be required to be fully vaccinated, or alternatively, to provide a negative molecular PCR test taken within 24 hours before departure from Canada.
  • In addition, non-crew workers who are traveling to Canada to do work on board a ship will have to be fully vaccinated as a condition of entry into Canada.

We are seeking clarification from Transport as to when the new requirements for returning seafarers and incoming workers will come into effect, but members should note that this could be as early as October 30th.

We will revert with more definitive dates as soon as these have been confirmed by TC, but in the meantime, members should guide themselves according to the preliminary information provided above.


Karen Kancens
Vice President