July 4, 2024 | Circular No. 11680

Dear Member,

Further to CL 11641, please find below an update on the work of the National Supply Chain Office, its most recent initiatives, and upcoming opportunities for engagement.

Supply Chain Strategy

The Supply Chain Office (SCO) held an information session earlier today to update industry associations on its efforts to develop a national supply chain strategy, which is one of the major objectives it has been tasked with.  As per the attached PRESENTATION (see slides 8 -11 in particular), the strategy will focus on four key themes:

  • Strengthening data and digital connections (including through the establishment of a digital trust framework for sharing data, and the development of a “tell us once” approach with respect to information that is required / collected by government);
  • Modernizing legislative and regulatory frameworks (with a view to creating the right conditions for competition, efficiency, innovation and safety in transportation);
  • Enhancing capacity and resiliency in transportation (including through the development of a long-term transportation infrastructure plan to guide public and private sector investment);
  • Supporting fluidity at the border (including through the expansion of border infrastructure, the modernization of clearance processes, and digitization of business processes and applications).

The SCO will be holding two additional information sessions on the strategy next week, which are designed specifically for industry operators / practitioners (as opposed to industry associations).  Members who are interested in attending one of these sessions are most welcome to do so, and should contact me for details on how to join.

We will be providing the SCO with written comments on the proposed strategy and its key focus areas within the next several weeks, with a view to ensuring that the strategy is aligned with our recommendations to the National Supply Chain Task Force (submitted in 2022), the Treasury Board’s Regulatory Review (submitted earlier this year) and other forums.   The Office plans to have a draft of the strategy completed by the end of this year.

SCO Webinar

The SCO held a three-hour webinar on June 21st, at which over 200 industry stakeholders were provided with a series of presentations on the topics listed below  (given that the presentations were shared as a single DOCUMENT, we have indicated the slide number at which each presentation begins to hopefully help with navigation):

  • The SCO’s next steps as relates to data and digitization (as of slide #3)
  • An economic overview entitled “Seizing Global and Domestic Economic Opportunities in a Volatile Environment (as of slide #7)
  • An overview of the Maritime Information System developed jointly by SODES and Innovation Maritime (as of slide #29 and mostly in French)
  • A 2024 seasonal forecast provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada (as of slide #51)
  • A seasonal wildfire forecast provided by Natural Resources Canada (as of slide #64)
  • Very brief updates from CN (as of slide #77) and CPKC (as of slide #86)
  • A presentation on major advocacy issues from the Canadian Trucking Alliance (as of slide #91)
  • A presentation on major advocacy issues from the International Air Transport Association  (as of slide #96)


We will continue to remain engaged with the work of the National Supply Chain Office and to provide members with regular updates on its work.  In the meantime, members requiring additional information on any of the above should contact me at their convenience.


Karen Kancens
Vice President