March 20, 2024 | Circular No. 11647

Dear Member,

The  Nominating Committee will be meeting next week to review candidates who have been nominated for election to the Federation’s Board of Directors for the May 2024-May 2025 term of office.

Members who are interested in submitting a name for the Nominating Committee’s consideration (whether their own or someone else’s) are most welcome to do so.  Names should be sent to the undersigned by close of business on Monday, March 25.  All names that are appropriately submitted will be added to the list of potential candidates for the Nominating Committee’s review.

As per the Federation’s by-laws, the Nominating Committee’s final slate of candidates will be forwarded to the general membership 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting (which will be held on May 7, 2024).  If no additional names are submitted thereafter, the list proposed by the Nominating Committee will be elected by acclamation at the Annual Meeting.

Members requiring additional information about the nomination process, the relevant sections of the by-laws, or the composition of the Board of Directors are invited to contact the undersigned.


Karen Kancens
Vice President