December 21, 2022 | Circular No. 11472

Dear Member,

At the end of November, we received a notice of a tariff increase of 6.2% from Ocean Group for ports they service on the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes that would come into effect on December 31, 2022. Traditionally, Ocean Group adjusts their rates in March or April, i.e., after the winter period.

Members objected to the relatively high increase and also noted that the increase would be applied to the winter rates, which are 2 X normal rates.

Based on these facts, we asked Ocean Group to reconsider their strategy and defer the increase, or at least part of it, until after the winter period when the rates revert to the non-winter level.

Following our comments, Ocean Group has decided to reduce the increase that was to come into effect on December 31st to 3.1%. An additional increase of 3.1% will come into effect after the 2023 winter season.



Mario Minotti,
Director, Finance & Administration