April 20, 2023 | Circular No. 11518

Dear Member,

Please find attached a Notice to Industry from the Pacific Pilotage Authority providing guidelines for large container vessels frequenting the Port of Prince Rupert.

The Port of Prince Rupert facilitated/conducted full mission simulations with the pilots and tug operators to determine docking, undocking, and tethered tug requirements for the container ships that call DPW Fairview.  These guidelines have stemmed from that risk analysis administered by the Port.  As such the portion of Prince Rupert Inner Harbour Channel between Barret Rock and the DPW Fairview berth has been designated as a mandatory tethered tug escort zone for both inbound and outbound container ships.  It also recommends that the vessel’s master must provide the official mooring and towing arrangement plans prior to arrival. Two tables of instructions for Escort Tug Requirements and Berthing/Unberthing Tug Requirements are also included in the Notice.

Please click here or on the Notice above which covers the entire details of the guidelines.


Farah Ahmad
Administrative Coordinator
Shipping Federation of Canada