February 11, 2022 | Circular No. 11391

Dear Member,

Further to CL 11246 and CL 11367, the Port of Vancouver will be prohibiting the discharge of wash water from scrubbers (excluding main engines) at berth and at anchor effective March 1, 2022. This will be done via amendment to the Port Information Guide.

Based on the feedback we have received, it is our understanding that this particular prohibition will have little to no effect on our members operations. However, the Port plans to eventually extend the prohibition against scrubber use to all of the waters within its jurisdiction. Similar prohibitions are being implemented internationally and contemplated within Canada.


Both the IMO and Transport Canada are involved in ongoing work regarding the environmental impacts of scrubber discharges. An IMO sub-committee is developing guidelines for scrubber use and regulation, due at the end of 2022, and Transport Canada recently released a report on the potential effects of scrubbers at Canadian ports.


The Federation recently submitted comments to the Port of Vancouver on its proposed scrubber restrictions in light of the national and international work that is currently taking place. Specifically, we urged the Port to pause further restrictions until the recommendations of IMO, due by the end of 2022, are known and thoroughly considered, and encouraged closer collaboration between the Port and Transport Canada on the development of a consistent, science- based, national approach to this issue.



Miako Ushio
Manager, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs