September 21, 2021 | Circular No. 11320

Dear Member,

We have arranged for a presentation on Artificial Intelligence for our upcoming Operations Committee on September 28th at 1430-1530hrs EDT.  We are also taking this opportunity to invite members who are interested in this technology to join the virtual meeting.  The subject will be presented by Scale AI who are working closely with the Montreal Port Authority on a Port Logistics Optimization Tool, which is one of several marine projects.  More information on AI and Scale AI can be found below.

Scale AI

AI is no longer a thing of the future. Its applications are concrete, its technology ready, and its potential vast – waiting to be harnessed. At Scale AI, we believe now is the time to take AI out of the lab and into the real world.

Scale AI, Canada’s AI Supercluster, manages ~$280M in Government grants to support Canadian companies to adopt AI solutions for their supply chains. Our mandate is to bring AI from the lab to the field while enabling the next generation of smart supply chains in Canada through cross-sector collaboration.

Scale AI makes three types of investments. Our industry program invests in industry-led projects across a range of sectors that are developing or adopting AI solutions to enhance their supply chain. In our workforce development stream, we fund training programs to help organizations and employees to develop artificial and digital intelligence skills. Our third program, Acceleration, provides dedicated funding to startup incubators or accelerators. 

Beyond funding, Scale AI is also a central pillar of Canada’s AI ecosystem. As a consortium of private entities, research centres, academia and high-potential startups, we identify cross-sector collaborations and provide expert guidance to industry.

The objective of this presentation is to provide you with an overview of our funding opportunities, showcase a few tangible industry use case examples and discuss with you where AI can drive value for your business.

Please also visit our website for more information and a full overview of our current and past investments

Kindly confirm to the undersigned by Friday, September 24th, if you are interested to participate and we’ll send the meeting details.


Chad Allen

Director, Marine Operations