July 19, 2021 | Circular No. 11298

Dear Member,

Further to CL 11280, please refer to this LINK for an updated list of locations at which seafarers are able to access COVID-19 vaccinations while calling Canadian and U.S. ports.  The list has been compiled by the North American Maritime Ministry Association (which represents seafarer welfare organization across Canada and the US) and is updated on a continuous basis.

Although there is still no organized seafarer vaccination program in place in Canada, seafarers calling the ports of Montreal and Halifax may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated at walk-in clinics that are located in relatively close proximity to each port.  These clinics can be accessed without any appointment or citizenship requirements, with transport to and from each clinic provided by the local seafarer mission.

We have been advised that the walk-in clinic in Montreal, in particular, has been regularly vaccinating seafarers without any problems over the last several weeks. The Montreal clinic is located at the Palais des congrès, which is a short ride (or walk) from the local seafaer mission (the mission is also providing transport to and from the location).

For additional information on all the above locations, please scroll down to the relevant port in the above-noted NAMMA LIST.

National Efforts

The Federation is also continuing with its efforts to obtain a formal commitment from the Canadian government to prioritize foreign seafarers for COVID-19 vaccines, with a view to ensuring that a portion of Canada’s domestic vaccine supply is allocated accordingly.

We have had several discussions with Transport Canada (TC) on this issue, and were recently asked to provide information on the estimated number of foreign seafarers who could be expected to take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated in Canada over the next six months.   We also participated in a recent meeting between the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), TC and the National Seafarers Welfare Board to discuss seafarer vaccination needs on a national and provincial basis.

We will continue to engage with TC, PHAC and the relevant provincial authorities on this subject, and will provide members with additional information as it becomes available.


Karen Kancens
Vice President