February 20, 2023 | Circular No. 11497

Dear Member,

As per the Seaway Notice 26-2022, effective for the 2023 navigation season, ships will be responsible for making their own tie-up provisions at approach walls when required.  Further to our CL 11419, the Seaway will no longer be offering this service to ships, and the only options will be to use landing booms or to contract a third-party service provider.  While this will be presented at the Seaway Customer Relations Meeting on March 2nd, we have arranged for a more detailed information ZOOM session with the Seaway on February 22nd at 1300hrs EST.

The Federation has been strongly opposed to this change since it was first proposed for the 2022 navigation season as outlined in our letter, and we continue to request they reinstate this service.

The Seaway has provided the contacts of service providers approved for the Welland Canal and at this time, there is no approved service providers for the MLO Sector.  Members that will require a tie-up service are suggested to establish contact with these service providers in advance of the Seaway opening.

1) Mooring and Port Services Inc. (MPS) Email: steixeira.mooringservices@gmail.com Tel: 1-905-466-3219

2) National Port Security Services (NPSS) Email: graemem@npssconsulting.ca Tel: 1-905-517-2634





Chad Allen,
Director, Marine Operations
Shipping Federation of Canada