March 2, 2022 | Circular No. 11410

Dear Member,

As indicated in CL 11400, the SLSMC have proposed to discontinue the tie-up service for vessels stopping at approach walls within the Seaway.  With the implementation of the hands-free mooring technology, the Seaway advise they no longer have the resources  to provide this service and thus, users will have to arrange for their own tie-up service as required.  The Federation has been working with Seaway users and submitted comments opposing this directive.  We request the Seaway to focus on traffic management to minimize the need for such transit interruptions and to continue providing the tie-up service when required.

We continue to work closely with members on this issue and have scheduled a meeting with the Seaway on March 11th at 0900hrs EST to further discuss .  Interested members are invited to participate and can access the meeting through the below ZOOM link.

Please direct any questions to the undersigned.


Chad Allen

Director, Marine Operations