March 17, 2022 | Circular No. 11419

Dear Member,

As a follow up to CL 11410, the SLSMC advise they will offer the tie-up service for the 2022 Navigation Season.  Vessels operating within the Seaway will have to indicate their tie-up strategy as outlined in Seaway Notice No. 14, and can select using either landing booms, the Seaway service or they can use a third-party service provider.

Landing Booms

New landing boom protocols are included in the Seaway Notice No. 13 and outline crew training and maintenance documentation requirements.

Third Party Service Provider

New for this season, vessels can make arrangements with a third-party service provider for tie-up services at approach walls when required.  Any service provider will require the appropriate security clearance and undergo a safety and security orientation.  Vessels/agents are expected to dispatch the third-party directly and confirm to the Seaway the services will be provided when required.  If you wish to pursue this option, the Federation can provide the contacts of several providers who currently offer other services within the Seaway system.  Also, the Seaway have provided a Scope of Work that you can use to source these services.

Seaway Tie-Up Services

The Seaway will continue to offer the services on a best efforts basis, and new for this season is a per-use charge rather than a subscription as in the past.  This per-use fee has not yet been determined.

We ask members to keep us advised if these options are effective and result in no vessel delays.  The Seaway has invested in technology which reduces the resources available to provide such services, however members are strongly opposed to users making these arrangements as a result.  We plan to meet with the Seaway again in a few months to review these changes and have asked them to review other long-term options.

Please direct any questions to the undersigned.


Chad Allen

Director, Marine Operations