June 29, 2023 | Circular No. 11542

Dear Member,

The Federation was recently approached by a Halifax-based based software company (BlueNode) specializing in supply chain and logistics data regarding a project they have undertaken to develop a common data framework in the bulk and container shipping sectors, which is being partially financed by the National Trade Corridors Fund.

More specifically, BlueNode is seeking advice and feedback from Federation members on the software tools they are developing (which will essentially transform paper-based and other disparate data into a common standard), with a view to ensuring their usability, relevance and benefits for shipping industry stakeholders. Towards that end, they are seeking our interest in establishing a Steering Committee composed of representatives from two or three member companies and the Federation, which would meet with BlueNode on a monthly basis to receive updates on the project’s progress and provide input and comments as required.  Steering Committee members would also have the ability to participate in testing of the tools being developed by BlueNode, but this would be on a purely optional basis.

We believe that this is a worthwhile project that may help move Canada’s supply chain digitization strategy forward from an ocean shipping perspective.  We also believe that the data generated through this project could provide greater visibility into the volumes and types of cargo moving through Canadian ports, thereby enabling stakeholders to better assess the performance of the various touchpoints along the transportation network.

Members who are interested in joining the Steering Committee should contact me at their earliest convenience, and by next week at the latest.  The time commitment for participants would be approximately one hour per month, with the first meeting taking place in late July or early August.


Karen Kancens
Vice President