January 31, 2023 | Circular No. 11481

Dear Member,

CBSA has published an updated version of Memorandum D3-5-1, which covers all relevant pre-load, pre-arrival and reporting requirements for the marine mode.  Although the revised memorandum does not contain any new requirements as such, it does update and clarify processes that have been informally introduced and or / changed since the last version of the memorandum was published in 2015.

We have provided below a list of the key elements of the revised Memorandum.  When reading through the list, please note that the referenced paragraph have been highlighted in yellow in the linked document.

  • Confirms that supplementary cargo reports are only required for FROB cargo (see definitions section – “supplementary cargo reports”)
  • Sets out reporting requirements and procedures related to the submission of electronic house bills (eHBLs) and the need to provide sub-location codes on all import and in-transit cargo control documents (see paragraphs 28-36)
  • Confirms that the CACM (conveyance arrival certification message) may be submitted up to two hours in advance of actual arrival at a Canadian port (see paragraph 54)
  • Clarifies reporting requirements for vessels arriving in-ballast, including their ability to report on-paper using the generic 9ITN carrier code (see paragraphs 97-100)
  • Confirms that vessels awaiting a berth at an anchorage may do so without providing an A6 General Declaration for a period of up to 45 days (see paragraph 113)
  • Clarifies reporting requirements for “split shipments,” including the procedure for amending the original cargo transmission to reflect the split (see paragraph 126)
  • Adds new language related to the discharge of containers, including the need for discharge to occur at facilities that are fitted with appropriate radiation detection technology (see paragraph 26 for Great Lakes, and paragraph 188 for general)
  • Clarifies procedures for reporting illness and health-related issues to the Public Health Agency of Canada (see paragraph 199)

Members may notice a range of other changes to the D-Memorandum relative to the previous version, but most of these are due to consolidation and streamling of text, and re-organization of content overall.

A PDF version of the new memorandum (with our highlights) is provided at the link above, while the on-line version of the revised memorandum can be found on CBSA’s website at this LINK.

Members with questions or comments on any of the above should contact the undersigned.

Best regards,

Karen Kancens
Vice President