September 13, 2022 | Circular No. 11455

Dear Member,

Please note that we have updated our checklists for incoming and departing crew members and other marine workers, in order to reflect the current status of Canada’s Covid-related border requirements. Key elements of the revised checklists are as per below:

New requirements

  • The main change from the information contained in our previous checklist is that Canada has lifted all testing requirements for individuals departing Canada.  Consequently, crew members and other marine workers who sign off a ship in order to return home no longer need to provide a pre-departure Covid-19 test as a condition of boarding their outbound flight from Canada.
  • Notwithstanding the above, departing crew members and other workers should continue to be aware of any entry restrictions in their destination country, as such restrictions may impact their ability to board their flight overseas.

Ongoing requirements

  • Crew members are still exempt from all vaccination, testing and quarantine requirements (although the government’s preference is for all incoming travellers to be fully vaccinated).
  • Non-crew marine workers are still required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of entry  into Canada, and must be prepared to provide their proof of vaccination when submitting their travel details via ArriveCAN.
  • Crew members and other marine workers continue to be exempt from the requirement to submit a quarantine plan or provide a post-arrival Covid test when arriving in Canada (although travelers may still be selected for random testing upon arrival).

We have also updated the list of vaccines (and vaccine combinations) that are accepted by the Government of Canada in cases where an individual wishes to qualify as being fully vaccinated.

The links to the updated checklists can be found below:

Members requiring any additional information on the above should contact the undersigned.


Karen Kancens
Vice President