July 18, 2023 | Circular No. 11557

Dear Member,

Further to our Circular Letter 11555 and 11556 on the resumption of operations on the West Coast, the Port of Vancouver continues to work towards clearing the backlog of vessels and keep stakeholders informed about the recovery progress.  The reports of their progress regarding anchorage utilization can be accessed at the Supply chain performance | Port of Vancouver (portvancouver.com).

As well, the Port of Vancouver would like to report the following:

  • Their management of anchorage capacity based on estimated time of berthing is working well. It has provided some additional flexibility to the terminal operators as their operational plans are still subject to change.
  • The Port requests all container vessels to maximize the use of Constance Bank anchorages since these ships generate a lot of ambient noise which can lead to complaints from SGI and West Vancouver communities. The vessels will be accommodated in English Bay anchorages that are furthest from shore.
  • Bulk carriers that do not have a confirmed loading date are being asked to use Royal Roads and Nanaimo anchorages.

Please contact the undersigned if you have any comments or queries.


Farah Ahmad
Administrative Coordinator
Shipping Federation of Canada
Cell: 514-702-2325