July 31, 2023 | Circular No. 11567

Dear Member,

Further to CL 11566, the BCMEA and the ILWU issued a joint news release late yesterday evening announcing that they had reached agreement on a negotiated settlement, which they will recommend for ratification by their respective members.

The agreement was reached with the assistance of the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB), which intervened in the labour dispute on Saturday at the request of Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan.

Although details regarding the new deal have not been made public, it was worth noting that the agreement was negotiated directly between the BCMEA and the ILWU rather than having been drafted by a federal mediator, as was the case with the previous deal that was ulimately rejected by the ILWU membership.

We will provide members with additional information, including the timing of the ratification process, as it becomes available.


Karen Kancens
Vice President