April 4, 2022 | Circular No. 11430

Dear Member,

The following is a reminder of the whale-related speed restriction measures that will apply on the East Coast as of April 20, 2022.



Gulf of St. Lawrence

North Atlantic Right Whales (NARWs)

Ship Strikes

Main mandatory measures, April 20 to November 15, 2022:

  • Static speed restriction zones (areas in light pink): Vessels to operate at 10 knots or less, except in the five dynamic sectors below.
    Dynamic shipping corridors (zones A, B, C, D, E – areas in green):  Vessels may travel at safe operational speeds when no NARWs are observed in these zones.
  • Vessel Restricted Area” in the Shediac Valley (approximately blue rectangular box. Coordinates, which are the same as 2021, are below): Vessels are prohibited from transiting through the area bounded by:
    48˚31.8’ N 063˚39.6’ W
    48˚24.72’ N 063˚17.88’ W
    47˚18.84’ N 064˚10.8’ W
    47˚27.18’ N 064˚30.72’ W
  • Seasonal Management Areas (SMA-1 & SMA-2) Between April 20 and June 28, 2022: vessels to operate or 10 knots or less.


Voluntary Measure:  


Cabot Strait (Grey Shaded area): Voluntary 10-knot slowdown in part of the Cabot Strait between April 20th to June 28th AND September 28 to November 15, 2022 to protect NARWs in the migration corridor.


Coordinates are further details in  Ship Safety Bulletin 09/2022


St. Lawrence River


Ship strikes & ship noise

May 1 to October 31, 2022

·       Voluntary measure in piloted waters: 10-knot slowdown area in a portion of the St. Lawrence Estuary (between Les Escoumins and Saguenay River)

·       Measure in place since 2013.


Coordinates and Map in 2022 NOTMAR A2 Marine Mammal Guideines and Marine Protected Areas p.9-11


NARW Information broadcasted to vessels and agents:

  • CCG MCTS will advise vessels when a speed restriction is activated in one of more of the dynamic shipping corridors via NAVWARN. You can register to receive NAVWARN alerts on NARW here. (Select “series Q”, Category: waterways information, subcategory: North Atlantic Right Whale).
  • The Shipping Federation will also provide notification on the status of the dynamic shipping zones when speed restrictions are activated and lifted.

Speed Restrictions nation-wide related to whales and shore erosion are also summarized and regularly updated on our website HERE.



Miako Ushio
Manager, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs