December 4, 2023 | Circular No. 11610

Dear Member,

Further to our Winter Navigation Meeting on November 21, please click here for the Winter Navigation Information to Vessels from Transport Canada.  It brings to your attention that the requirement for Sea Water Cooling system for vessels transiting the St. Lawrence waterway, west of Les Escoumins pilot station, will come into effect December 10, 2023.

Transport Canada also wishes to brings to your attention the ballast water treatment systems.  As this system is required for ballasting, it should be available at all times.  Any heat tracing or isolation of piping on the main deck should be part of the voyage planning when going to cold weather destinations.  By-passing this system should be considered the last resort.  This is also why vessels that are going to freshwater areas as a first or subsequent destination port are required to carry out additional ballast operations when in the high seas.  Canada has implemented an additional protective measure in line with the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention by employing saltwater flushing of empty tanks or exchanging partial or full tanks while utilizing the ballast water treatment system in high seas.

Please note that communications with Transport Canada regarding winter navigation must be directed to .


Farah Ahmad
Coordinator, Marine Operations