Pursuant to the passage of a new, modernized Pilotage Act in 2019, Transport Canada is seeking stakeholder comments on a suite of proposed new regulations that are designed to:

  • Consolidate all of the existing Pilotage Authority regulations under a single umbrella falling under Transport Canada’s jurisdiction
  • Establish minimum requirements for new integrated management systems that the Pilotage Authorities are required to implement under the revised Act
  • Introduce a new administrative monetary penalty (AMP) regime for regulatory infractions

The Federation has submitted a comprehensive set of comments to Transport Canada on these proposals, which focus on the need to harmonize the new regulations to the greatest extent possible, and the need to ensure that the principles of efficiency and cost effectiveness – which have been key industry objectives throughout the modernization process – are enshrined in the new regulations and are more fully reflected in the pilotage system overall.

To request a copy of our submission, please click HERE.