“Ships Make the World Go” is a new video that highlights the essential role that the shipping industry and seafarers play in delivering trade across the world.  By supplying us with food, medicine, electronics, clothing and everything in between, ships truly make all of our lives better.

Developed by BIMCO, the film is designed to serve as a tool that the industry can use to achieve the common goal of raising awareness about shipping throughout society as a whole.

Such awareness is especially crucial in the context of the crew change crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting inability of hundreds of thousands of seafarers to return home once their contracts have come to an end.

Although Canada has been a leader in supporting and facilitating crew changes at Canadian ports, this is not the case in many other countries, where national restrictions and travel constraints have prevented countless seafarers from disembarking and returning home.

In light of these ongoing challenges, we urge everyone who views this video to share it within their circle of contracts, with a view to increasing global awareness of the importance of seafarers to our health, prosperity and daily lives.